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Can I buy some cakes?

Back in the end of 2018 London hosted the “Best pastel de nata in the
U.K.” contest and guess what?! We won the first prize!
Since then we have been putting our efforts to bring more Portuguese
cakes to the table and we gathered an enticing list for you. Either you
need a cake for a special occasion or wholesale for your business we are
here to help!

Pastel de nata (min 6) £15

Award winner Portuguese Custard tarts made
with love in Hackney. On our own recipe, we decided to get the custard
with a yummy cinnamon flavour.

Pastel de nata.jpeg

Carrot cake (serves 12) £38

A classic filled with carrots, walnuts and
soaked fruits for extra texture. Topped with a smooth and slightly tart
cream cheese frosting. (Serves 12)

Pastel de Nata
Carrot Cake

Vegan banana bread (serves 10) £30

Made with extra ripe bananas giving
it all the sweetness and creaminess a good cake needs.

Vegan Banana Bread

Apple Tart (serves 12) £40

A nutty flavoured pastry crust filled with lots of organic sliced apples, spiced with cinnamon and baked up to deep caramelisation. Topped with an homemade apple jelly made from the juices of the soaked apples.

Walnut and caramelised apple cake (serves 12) £38

This new addition to our family is becoming a star. It's packed with toasted walnuts and deep caramelised apples. It's topped with an apple caramel for a truly explosive experience.


For any other info please email us here.

Bear in mind we’ll need 2 days notice.

Vegan and gluten free options available.
All our cakes are made with organic flours from Shipton Mill, free range eggs from the Hollyfield Farm and fruits and veggies from Natoora.

Apple Tart
Apple Cake
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