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Feira de Ladra


We have opened our first shop in August 2013 on Columbia Road (the Flower Market). In 2016, a few minutes away from this shop, we have opened what we think is the side B of Portugal, a Deli/restaurant with loads of yummy food and produce from Portugal.

But A Portuguese Love Affair is more than a cafe or a shop or a restaurant, we love people and we love our neighbourhood.

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Lisbon Tram

Every year we organise a summer party to celebrate the day of Portugal and the “Santos", for that we invite students from the Point Blank school, in Hoxton, to play with great (if not the best!) Portuguese and English djs and producers, all for a crowd of dance music lovers. With these parties we have gathered money for the Grenfell Tower and brain cancer research.

Always engaging with our community, we have cooked for the elderly, we
help out the schools around to collect monies for their projects, we dress up for the London pride, we support young artists, we bring all the flags out to shout P O R T U G A L when the world cup is on, we love a good laugh and a glass of wine, we get Christmas cards from around the world from our former regulars, we’ve been featured in Japanese magazines and on Monacle and Forbes travel guide, we know our producers by name, we drink and seat at their tables, with their families and we know their struggles and passions.


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We Love the heat of the sun, the sprinkles from the ocean, the silence from the mountains and the buzz that is London!

We LOVE what we do.
We LOVE Portugal.

We LOVE you.


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