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Uncondemned 2021, Lisboa

Uncondemned 2021, Lisboa


Organic with minimum intervention wines from 120 to 150 year old vines made in the region of Lisbon.


Taste: Refreshing with spice and tannin, this truly hybrid wine neatly expresses white and red qualities.” Sarah Ahmed


Grapes: Old vines are mainly Fernao Pires for the white and Trincadeira for the red, but several other grapes are involved.


Winemaking: Using a traditional Portuguese method, described centuries ago by local monks as “palhete” which is a blend of red and white grapes fermented together. This was traditional method used in all central Portugal until the mid of the 20th century, abandoned for commercial reasons. Currently, the return of “palhete” wines is welcomed by the new generations, and they are really interesting!

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