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Edicoes Serrote got inspired after reading Herman Melville's Typee, based on his personal experiences among tattooed cannibals from the Marquesas Islands; after flipping through Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man, where a body filled with drawings has the power to tell stories and predict the future; after having seen a documentary about Ötzi - the Tyrolean Iceman mummy, decorated with 61 tattoos; and after they had a good laugh with a Shin Chan's episode about a Yakuza boss painted from head to toe, then they decided to make this notebook.

Two men and two women of different complexions, created after Albrecht Dürer's drawings, appear in various poses ready to be tattooed over the 48 pages notebook.
Printed in Portugal, November 2016
Dimensions: 16.5 x 20.4 cm
Cover: printed in letterpress in 2 colours
Bookblock: 48 pages printed in offset
Limited edition: 2016 copies

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