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In the Sky Chart you can find the constellations and major stars visible in the Northern Hemisphere, throughout the year.

The chart was printed in three colors: dark blue (for the background - the stars emerge in white in their respective magnitudes and most important names), light blue (for the lines connecting the stars defining graphically the constellations - and their respective latin names) and black (for the allegorical depictions of the constellations).
Three spot-colour offset print on Munken Lynx 150g paper.
Printed in Portugal.

Poster dimensions: 69 x 69 cm square
(aprox. 27 ¼ x 27 ¼ in.)

The poster can be cut out around the outline, resulting in a circular chart with a diameter of 64,5 cm. (aprox. 25 ½ in).

The chart is sold in a cardboard tube.
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