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Lockdown 2.0

We will be open for take aways/ click and collect and deliveries to your door.

Fruits, vegetables, hot food, cakes and drinks. Stay tuned for more info and promos!!


​cod fish cake £1.5 

shrimp turnover £1.5 

‘alheira’ turnover chicken/game filling £1.5 

beef croquette £1.5 

suckling pig turnover £2 

corn bread with cheese and chives £3.7

veggie 'bola' brioche bread stuffed with veggies £4

meat 'bola' brioche bread stuffed with 'chourico' and ham £4.5


'Feijoada' £10

Traditional stew made with red and black beans, pork belly, pork shoulder, pork ribs and different 'chouricos'

with carrots and cabbage served with rice

Seafood 'feijoada' £12

Traditional stew made with seafood, cuttlefish, vegetables and butter beans, served with rice

Vegan 'feijoada' £7

Beans' stew with butternut squash, carrots, mushrooms cabbage, sweet potato, smoked tofu served with rice

Tosta mista £7

cheese and ham toast with butter

add a fried egg £1

'Bifana' £8.5

Slow cooked pork shoulder marinated in wine and spices, with mustard and piri piri served on a sweet potato bun

Tuna melt £7.5

line cough tuna from the Atlantic, ginger mayo, chilli flakes, melted cheese served with salad

Roasted vegetable toast £7

with goat cheese and seeds served with salad

Vegan £7

roasted aubergine, homemade kimchi, crispy onion on a sweet potato bun. Served with salad


Pastel de Nata £2.5

carrot cake £4

fresh ginger £4

banana bread GF V £3.7

Walnuts, apples and caramel £4

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